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What will you find here once the site is done?

The site will truly never be done, as you really can't find all the glitches in a game. But here are some things you can expect by First Release, which will hopefully happen by (12/1/17)

Update 12/12/18

This is unexcusable, yet i hope you excuse me. I forgot completely about this site for the longest time. I know it's been nearly a YEAR since I updated, but i thought noone would care since i seldom came on here. Yet today, a year and 11 days later, i felt a pang of grief wash over me. I await to see the two of you here when i update next.


Sonic CD , Super Mario Bros 1, and Mega Man 3.

(11/27/17) Started work on the Super Mario Bros 1 article.

(11/30/17) Started work on the Mega Man 3 article.

While you're waiting, go play some snake. Be warned, it is kind of glitchy.